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  1. Bob Birtles avatar
    Bob Birtles Feb 24, 2017

    At the top of this page are pictures of 4 greyhounds. The black and white one with the red collar and erect ears is the double of my old grund ‘Dave’. Is it possible to buy a copy of that picture please.

  2. Janette Ash avatar
    Janette Ash Mar 22, 2017

    Dear Dianne,  May I ask your permission to paint a resemblance of your painting “Sunset Galgo” for my personal use.   I have no intention of selling this or any art.  I also plain to paint the piece in a fashion that will make it my own interpretation.  I am a beginner painter and I feel that I could manage the sunset and silhouettes of the greyhounds.  I would feel much better about painting something similar to your original if I had your permission and blessing.   I would greatly enjoy using your piece as inspiration for my own.  Thank you,  Janette Ash.

  3. Dianne Heap avatar
    Dianne Heap Mar 22, 2017

    Dear Janette, thank you for your enquiry. Sadly, a lot of people copy my and others work without care that it is our livelihood. I appreciate you asking to use my work as an aid to paint your own interpretation, I am happy for you to use this picture to help you, but please keep your word and not sell a copy of my work.
    I hope you enjoy your art and gain much pleasure from it.
    Best Regards, Dianne

  4. Janette Ash avatar
    Janette Ash Apr 14, 2017

    Dear Dianne, Thank you for your kind permission to use your art as inspiration.  I will indeed keep my promise not to sell copies of your work.  Any comments I receive on my interpretation I will gladly mention your original. Thank you once again.